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Friday, February 5, 2010

What is p2p file sharing?

Well most of you guys have heard about p2p programs rite? But do u actually know what is is really about?

p2p stands for peer-2-peer,which means that every file n every users pc can be accessed and downloaded by other users easily by using p2p software.
The most popular p2p sharing softwares are ; limewire;frostwire,bearshare,kazaa,ares,azueres..
All these softwares are open source programs that are available for downloads at their vendors website.By using p2p softwares,we can download all copyright protected materials easily and this does affect the publishers as the world of piracy is enhancing year after year.
Buying an original cd album would cost you but downloading is free and alot faster.The technologies are such a convenient for the users but not for the publishers.In the next post,i'll explain about torrent and how does it differ from p2p?!

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