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Friday, February 5, 2010

A New Year With New Antivirus...

Reaching the year 2010 is a really great fun for me as no more schooling for me starting this as I just finished my spm and currently waiting for my result.Please GOD,I want 10as!

So my subscription for my KAV (most likely the hack method isnt working anymore?!) has ended so its either for me to buy a new one or renew my current subscription.Ive been using Kaspersky AntiVirus since version 5 and now its version 8 already.However the product quality does seems to lowered as this new version does take quiet a load on the memory usage.

So I decided to try COMODO antivirus as it is free.Been using it for 2 weeks already but somehow this antivirus doesnt suit me well even though the memory usage is damn low compared to Kaspersky however the first time update is such a pain in the ass.The first update is around 120mb++!!! Had to wait for almost 30mins to finish up the update.And not to mention ALOT of false positives as half of my softwares are being quarantined because of false positives even though i did like it though..

Then,I tried my self with the new Norton Antivirus.I always hated Norton a few years back then as the antivrus itself is a BLOATWARE.However after reading some positives revies by the users so I thought to give it a try.And the installation and very easy and i didnt even required to restart my pc and the NAV just smoothly and amazingly the memory usage is just around 5-7mb which is extremely low compared to KAV.So,thanks to Symantec team for their hard work making NAV such a better product..


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