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Sunday, May 15, 2011

iPhone 4S is coming soon?

iphone 4 is a great success for me with such alot of upgrade in terms of both hardware and software.However now it looks life steve jobs is coming with a minor hardware upgrade of iPhone4 with the new iPhone 4S? Is it really necessary? Why dont he just cut the iPhone 4S and go with iPhone 5 already?! We dont need such minor upgrades besides the iPhone 4 itself is pretty impressive itself even though it only single cored processor.Of course if we compared it to Samsung Galaxy SII, iPhone 4 is going to lose BIG time in every single aspects but, hey?! Isnt that is what competition is supposed to be?! Steve jobs, skip the iphone 4S and go for iphone 5 with dual cored processors with ios5 to be competeable with the android and you guys will started to lose your loyal customers soon.

My wishlist for iphone 5 :
1. Jailbroken! yeah jailbroken is the only way for your iphone to be able to customizable.So apple so consider this in their iphone 5
2. better battery life
3. improved camera at least with 10MP
4. Super AMOLED does looks nicer than the current iphone 4 retina display
5. open source ios? so that android would finally had its own rival in terms of apps and games
6. more to comee....
Misek put out a note on the next iPhone today, and said, it will "include minor cosmetic changes, better cameras, A5 dual-core processor, and HSPA+ support."

Apple wanted to add a chipset to support high speed 4G wireless networks, but the chipsets weren't going to be ready in time.

Because the 4G chips weren't ready, Apple is going with the minor update to the iPhone 4.

Misek also revealed the next version of the phone will work with Sprint, T-Mobile, and China Mobile.

im back with new reviews...

hey fellow bloggers! its me and im back again after such a long time without any update because of too busy with personal life...and exams are pretty tiring and so damn boring..

so now im back and will continue my blog and some reviews on certain things such as :
iphone 5 rumors? when will it lauch? is it going to be an iphone 4s?!
vipre? claimed to be the fastest antivirus!
iphone 4 is up to againts the android gingerbread?!
ipad2 is it really necessary?
android honeycomb 3.0 for tablet!?

and so much more....stay tuned guyss!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wassup Fellow Bloggers...

hey its been a very very long time since i updated my blog..
well,the truth is i kinda forget my own username and password to login to blogspt..silly me..
and after lots of try and error trial finally managed to login again..hell yeah!
and this time i will write down both of my username and password.there's a lot of work be done in order to reupdate this blog.Hope u guys would you stay tune visiting my blog with alots of exciting guides,tricks,and even reviews that i would be done in these few days..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Greetings fellow bloggers...

Long time no see guys.Have been very busy these days till i didn't even had time to update my blog.So sorry.I'll try me best to update the blog as frequent as i can if i had time.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My NEW Sony Ericsson SATIO....

After several years being a loyal users of Nokia,finally made up my mind to try something new which is SE Satio.Below is the list my phones history.

1. Nokia 3310
2. Nokia 3120
3. Nokia N-Gage Classic
4. Nokia N70
5. Nokia N82
6. Sony Ericsson Satio

Just bought it last week and still new to its SymbianV5 Ui.And so far so good,as the it is alot faster than my previous Nokia N82 as Satio is equipped with 600mhz processor compared to N82 which only equipped with 324mhz processore.More detailed reviews coming soon from me.But really enjoying every bits of life with this new baby!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Made In Malaysia....

For those who are always on the go meaning travel a lot,listening to online radio is a quite enjoyable entertainment especially when traveling overseas which is outside Malaysia.By listening to local radios can easily heal your homesick.(Really?! too old already still homesick?!? ;p)
Anyway,for those who often streaming online radios such as Flyfm,Hotfm,Sinarfm and others must have noticed the plugin required to be installed to be able to start streaming which is called Octoshape.Octoshape is a plug in which is Malaysian made?!? Wah..Looks like nowadays Malaysia is enhancing its technology better and better.Even though the streaming wasnt quite smooth for me but still the quality is much better tham before.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to enhance your YouTube Streaming speed!!??

Currently there are certain ISPs who are having problem unsufficient bandwidth causing them to start throttling their users usage especially to those who often uses p2p file sharing softwares such as utorrent,ares,and limewire.They are also throttling some major file-hosting services such as Rapidshare.And now they are throttling youtube as well?!!?
However,youtube throttling only works on .flv extension videos with a the standard flash videos.But,by ading
at the end of each video link will automatically changed the videos extension from .flc to .mp4 so this will remove the throttling...
Hope fun buffering guys!

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