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Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to increase your blog traffic?!!?

As a blogger,especially to those who had nuff nang or any kind of PPC advertisements such as google adsense,gaining alot of traffics and number of unique visitors is a must to gain slight profit from your blog.However,in order to make your blog popular in the internet,it should take several years even with very unique contents as there are too many blogs out competing with each other to gain traffic.

Here's one of the most easiest ways to gain traffics and even followers to your blog is by putting a chatbox.Then,surf other blogs and write 'blog walking' or 'follow me' so that other bloggers can visit your blogs and maybe become your followers.So in easiest words to say,cooperative is the key for traffic besides having such a great contents.Advertising your blog to forum or social networking sites such as FaceBook,or even myspace can also increase your blogs traffic but not quite efficient as the previous method....So,bloggers,keep blogging and blog smart!!

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