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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Astro B.Yond?

hehe....thinking of writing something rite here it is....did you guys heard of the new ASTRO B.Yond, that provided digital content!!
Finally Malaysia has its own digital content provider for its digital tv.Did u know that our regutar CRT tvs are viewing analog content.The new LCD tvs are providing both digital and analog content so in order to obtain digital content which is HDMI (High Definiton Multimedia Input) we must equipped our new LCD tvs which is quite cheap in the market right now with ASRTO b.Yond.

I still dont know the real effects are but I guess it must be better than analog's content even though currently ASTRO only provided several channels than can be viewed in HDMI by subscribing to astro byond services.Astro SuperSport HD, ESPN HD, HBO HD, National Geographic Channel HD and HISTORY HD are the only channels available with astro byond.

More info here..

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