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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

About me..

Ummm..My first post to the blog will be bout i really need to post it here...hehe!!
so lazy laa to post rite now..
ohh well..
lets see..
where to begin...where to begin...

ok....rite now im already 18...just finished skooling last year at HELL = ASiS = Alam Shah Science School......2 years of hostel life is enough for me...i wonder how those guys who spend their 5 precious years at hostel can even survive? or they even humans? haha!! well then they must be zombie or something and that includes my bro...haha! no offense but he is kinda weird even though he is a genius!! ;pp

so back to me again...during 2008...i was form called juniors...even though the seniors are just a few months older than us?! we still had to respect them.....and believe me some of them are quite scary u know....during my junior years....had lots of bad memories...and i really eager to be seniors...but once i became a senior in 2009...i wished to be a juniors again!! being senior = form 5 = SPM!! and i really dont think i was quite ready yet to face it!! hehe!! a cruel world isnt it.....nothing is perfect in the be able to survive..we learn to learn to survive!! get it?
another non-sense post by me...

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