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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Human IQ??

Oh, don't get fooled by that trickster, the IQ score. IQ measures are very useful in certain contexts, and essentially meaningless outside of those contexts. No person is a genius based on this number alone. That is a somewhat elitist and very misleading way to categorize people. Genius is what people actually do, not what some measurement might suggest.

If your desire is to be a theoretical physicist and every standardized IQ measure assigns to you an IQ of 90 to 100, it is likely that your desire will be thwarted, or will be too demanding for you to sustain for long. If you want to be a flight attendant (and this is clearly not a negative statement about this line of work) and your IQ is 145 or 150, it is likely that your desired work will not satisfy you mentally for a long time.

There would be some justification in saying that if a person's IQ is 145 or higher (145 is NOT a standard cut-off for "genius") but has not made any kind of contribution to a field, I would not refer to that person as a genius. On the other hand, the famous physicist Richard Feynman had an IQ [I do not have a source to verify] of 134 or 136. The IQ measure doesn't put anyone under any kind of requirement, and there is no judgement here. It's just that, as mentioned above, genius is what people actually do, not what some measurement might suggest.

So...get your iq test score...and see whether u are genius,smart,dumb or dumbass!!

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